Cute as Buttons

This was a really fun day. I went with the wonderful Heather Nolen from Believe in Books on a visit to the Lin-Wood Community Childcare Center. All the kids were so cute and we all had a great time reading stories and coloring pictures together.

Thank you for having me, it was a treat!

Interview with Amanda Snow of A Patchwork of Books

I’d like to thank Amanda for the interview and also direct everyone over to her great blog, A Patchwork of Books, where she reads and reviews books for all ages and genres of young readers. I was glad to help in a small way and grateful for the opportunity to chat with her. Here’s an excerpt:

3. How in the world did you come up with the concept for Peg Leg Peke?
BS- I’m afraid it is as advertised! I have a little pekingese and she needed an operation on her foot, it led to a long, fun month in a cast and Peg Leg Peke came soon after. Oh, she was quite pitiful. When the book got picked up I bought her a great big peanut butter doggie-cookie.

Click here for the whole interview and many thanks again to the wonderful Amanda, always in my thoughts.