What should you look for in a preschool

The Foundation of Knowledge
Montessori schools create an environment where children are encouraged to induce self-learning. Preschools for toddlers are meant for inducing the interest to learn in a child. Preschools create a community where knowledge is shared. This philosophy of collective knowledge has produced great thinkers over many years. Preschools lay the first foundation of knowledge, hence it is very important to select a good preschool for your child. However, choosing a suitable one may not be easy. The problem is that preschools do not fall within the paradigm of systematic education system. The focus of preschool is on inculcating a teaching philosophy based on special methods of teaching.

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Once you decide that preschool for toddlers is the best approach towards your child’s education, the time comes that you shall take the next step towards choosing the appropriate preschool for your toddler. The preschool method of teaching is very different from the common curriculum. Hence in order to choose the right preschool for your toddler you must be vigilant about the main features of the preschool program. In order to be able to choose the right preschool you can browse through some of the key features of the preschool.

Features of a Good Preschool
A good preschool will have the following characteristics:
1. The environment in the preschool will be peaceful, calm and will be conducive for the child’s overall growth.
2. The classrooms will have charts and other equipment like blocks, toys and plants that will make the learning experience interesting and easy to grasp. However, these equipment must be based on the age of the students.
3. The preschool must have classes with a mixed group of students—from different age groups and cultural backgrounds.
4. The organization should have a neat and clean environment with everything running in a systematic manner.
5. Children should be given the liberty to choose the task that interests them without much supervision or interruptions.
6. The walls in the classrooms must be sparsely decorated with charts and activity corners that are at the level of the children.
7. The transition process in the preschool must be smooth and there should be availability of mid-year admissions. Also the movement from classroom to lunch areas must be as smooth as possible.
8. The teachers in the preschool must be well trained and certified and they must have assistants who uphold a good learning process.
9. Preschools are outside the common education system, hence there should not be much focus on testing and grading.