Tips to Prepare your Toddler for a Playgroup

Sending your child to school for the first time is a learning lesson for both you and your child. This will be the first time that your child stays away from you with a group of strangers for a long period of time. There are several ways in which you can prepare your toddler for school.

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Visit the pre-school: Involve your child in every pre-school preparation such as getting all the school supplies or asking him or her to accompany you to visit the school for the first time. This way, the child will start accepting the fact that he will soon be a regular part of the playgroup for toddlers.
Potty training: This is probably the most important self-help training that we must give to toddlers. Despite all the training, some level of anxiousness is common and should be treated as normal. Pre-school staff is also prepared for accidents. On your part, be sure to pack an extra change of clothes in the child’s bag.

Feeding themselves: It is important that your child learns how to eat by himself without being too messy. This will make him or her more independent. Pack something that is not too heavy, is easy to eat and is not messy. Also, make sure you inform the school about any allergies that the child has.

Hang around on the first day: On the first day, your child will not accept that you leave him in the school and go away. Hang around until he settles down and is busy in his new environment.

If your child has problems settling in, then accept that it is not easy for everyone to change their daily routine of being with similar people. Some children find it very difficult to be around new people; they cannot adjust. This is completely normal. Stay with your child in the school and be there until he is engaged in the activities there. Slowly leave the child. Eventually, he will get used to the place.

Don’t worry if your child is not learning his letters and numbers. A good pre-school knows how to create the perfect balance between development activities and studies. Focus on the overall development of the child. Letters and numbers will follow the path eventually.
As a parent, it is essential that you take all the above into consideration before and when you finally send your little one to pre-school.