How A Good Nursery School Is The Best Learning Option For Your Child?

Child development is an intricate and enormous subject that is essential and indispensable. It acts as a pillar in moulding those vulnerable, delicate years of a child, from post-natal to pre-schooling period. The initial stages of the toddler is where parents play a pivotal role in shaping their intellectual and physical development. A child’s development is compared to wet clay to highlight to parents their responsibility in moulding their child.

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According to Harvard University, the early years of a child’s development solidify the brain’s architecture which is the foundation for all learning behaviour and health development in the future. So at such a crucial time, it is best to enroll a child in a good nursery school in Singapore. These reputable schools have conducted research and spent enough resources to ensure that the schools are up to standards. The six important criteria in such nursery schools are namely, well qualified teachers, a low teacher-children ratios, a bilingual speaking environment, a safe ergonomic surrounding, hygienic practices and a proper parent-teacher interaction that promotes understanding and resolutions.

One of the most important reason to opt for nursery school is phonetics teaching. Parents who have diverse dialect tend to have incorrect pronunciation, hence influencing the way their children speak. Children learn phonics letters and their sounds through activities like rhymes, role play, songs and story time. Similarly, playing games like solving picture puzzles and interactive games, they learn counting, matching shapes, and other skills.

Educators are trained in early childhood education and so, not only are the cognitive skills developed, but also soft skills like following directions, rules and regulations, learning to wait patiently to talk to their teachers, learning to control their emotions like anger or disappointment, and most importantly, learning to feed themselves independently and take care of personal hygiene including toilet training and the like.

A top cadre nursery school according to the UNICEF standards is the best option for developing the cognitive, social and emotional skills of a child. This is accentuated in today’s modern world where both parents are working, therefore, who other than a good nursery school can be the guardian angel for your child?