Singapore private schools: Making the right decision for your children

The decision to send your child to a new school is always a big decision, and the choice is even more challenging for families that relocate to another country. International schools offer a consistent learning platform for students to develop an education as they travel across the world, and Singapore is recognised as a world leader in education. International schools in Singapore offer a diverse community of like-minded students to develop emotionally, mentally, and socially. The right school can provide an excellent learning opportunity for your child to not only achieve academic success for the school year, but develop specific tools that will help them succeed for the rest of their life. If you are looking for the right school for your child, here are some critical questions to research:

* Will my child be happy here? Schools can look great on paper, but visiting the school will tell you a lot more about it. As you step onto the campus, pay attention to the school grounds. Is there a well-maintained natural environment? Does the school look clean and safe? Are the other students excited to be at school? Observe students interacting with teachers and notice if their relationship is conducive to learning, and take the time to look at examples of student work.

* What type of curriculum is taught by the school? Parents that plan on staying in Singapore temporarily may want to keep their children engaged in their native coursework, and different schools provide alternative curriculum. One of the best options for expat families is enrolling their child in schools that teach to an international standard like GESS private secondary school. Children learn best in a stable learning environment, and learning from the same curriculum will help them with the transition into a new school.

* Where is the school located? The school’s location can be a seemingly trivial aspect when deciding on your child’s future, but the commute in traffic everyday may change your mind. Finding a school that is close to home and work is ideal, but schools in a centralised location can offer more flexibility if you are still looking for a home.

* What types of programmes does the school provide? Students need to be exposed to more than just core-curriculum. Many schools specialise in specific co-curricular activities, and this may ultimately influence your decision. Ask schools how they enrich the educational experience of their students by providing organized activities and after-school programmes.

* What is the school’s community like? Over 100,000 expatriates live in Singapore, and more move to the city-state every year. International schools teach students from a variety of cultures and ethnic backgrounds, and your family may find a strong sense of community through your child’s school. Ask other families how they have adjusted to their new lives in Singapore, and learn about the school’s culture. For many parents, the right private school features a close-knit community of students, parents, and teachers. Students at these schools are able to succeed because of the small class sizes offered by many schools, allowing for the individualised support that students sometimes need to master challenging coursework. If the school is an authorised IB World School, students will learn a curriculum that is taught around the world. Many schools in Singapore offer extensive co-curricular activities, such as musical programmes and foreign language development, to expose students to more than just academics.

The best private schools believe their students should be the masters of their future, and that means not only crafting sharp intellect, but discovering new talents and passions to be the well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.

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Dressing up the Bathroom Decor in the AbodeDecorating the toilet can fresh newness and add a beautiful touch. Your theme won’t become dated. If you might be to search with interiors catalog, you’ll probably choose the company which will offer a good deal in regards to warranty and which you will benefit the advantages that may occur whenever needed. Your theme won’t become dated. A kitchen should be, above all, properly designed and thought out.

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